Medium Voltage Indoor Resin Cast Current Transformer

Medium Voltage resin cast Current Transformers can be equipped with one or more independent magnetic cores with equal or different characteristics for measuring, metering and/or protective purposes. Our product specification is as follows

Applications Metering, Protection & Special protection
Construction Medium Voltage resin cast
System Voltage Upto 33kV
Type Single phase, multi-core/ratio
Accuracy class
Metering 0.2S, 0.5, 1.0
Protection 5P10, 5P20, PS
Primary Upto 2500A
Secondary 1A / 5A
STC Upto 25KA


  • Non-ageing Epoxy with Class B insulation.
  • Non Hygroscopic.
  • Vacuum cast under controlled conditions.
  • Partial discharges as per allowable limits.
  • Designed to work in high ambient in enclosed switchgears.
  • Good mechanical stability under fault conditions.


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