Top 5 Reasons Straton Electricals is the Best Choice as an Instrument Transformers Manufacturer

May 31st, 2024

Straton Electricals is a name synonymous with excellence in the electrical industry, renowned for delivering durable, well-designed, and cost-effective Instrument transformers and related products with unmatched efficiency. As a reliable Instrument transformer manufacturer to our customers, we are committed to providing the best-in-class solutions that meet and exceed industry standards.In this blog post, we delve into the distinctive aspects of our build process that set us apart from competitors, making us the preferred choice for customers seeking high-quality Instrument transformer solutions.

5 Reasons Which Set Us Apart from Others:

1. Compliance with Partial Discharge Limits: One of the key factors that differentiate us as a best Instrument transformer manufacturer, is our strict adherence to IS 16227 / IEC 61869 standards, ensuring that our products meet stringent partial discharge (PD) requirements. With PD testing serving as a reliable method for detecting insulation defects, our transformers offer enhanced reliability and longevity, minimizing the risk of unexpected outages.

2. Uncompromising Product Quality: Our commitment to excellence is evident in our uncompromising product quality standards. Our CTs & PTs undergo comprehensive type testing, including assessments for short circuit performance, thermal stability, multiple chopped wave impulse, wet lightning impulse, partial discharge, and more, all conducted in accordance with IEC standards. Recently we have been approved by CORE(Central Organization for Railway Electrification), Ministry of Railways, which allows us to supply Instrument transformers for railways for use in their projects. To ensure our products meet the highest standards, they undergo a 5 Stage Quality Inspection for Winding, Insulation, Assembly, Leak test and Vacuum Treatment processes.

3. State-of-the-Art Test Lab & Manufacturing Facility: As a leading manufacturer of Instrument transformers, Our state-of-the-art 700kV extra high voltage PD free test lab is equipped with advanced equipment to validate the performance and reliability of our transformers. Clean room facility to facilitate dust & moisture free work environment for production of EHV & HV instrument transformers and Advanced APG Casting Machines to ensure void free casting are some of the highlights of our commitment to deliver a high-quality product to our customers.

4. Extensive Product Range and Customization Options: Straton Electricals offers a diverse range of Instrument transformer products, catering to various industries and voltage requirements. Our ability to customize solutions to specific customer needs ensures that our transformers are tailored to exact specifications, providing unmatched versatility and performance across a wide range of applications which makes us the one of the best transformer manufacturer in india.

Our Range includes

a. Low tension current transformers (up to 1.2kv) which includes

  • SRT Series (Rectangular Type)

  • SRO Series (Ring type)

  • SWD Series (Window type)

b. Low voltage potential transformers(Up to 1.2kv)

c. Medium Voltage Instrument transformers(Up to 36kv)

d. High Voltage Instrument transformers(Up to 132kv)

5. Pre and Post Sales Support:
At Straton Electricals, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. From the initial inquiry to post-installation support, we prioritize delivering a seamless experience for our clients. Our comprehensive approach includes utilizing the finest raw materials, minimizing resource wastage, and employing efficient manufacturing processes to ensure high-quality products with short lead times for delivery. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive warranty of up to 5 years on our products, along with installation assistance, maintenance services, and prompt technical support.

Conclusion: With over a decade of experience, a steadfast commitment to quality, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Straton Electricals emerges as a leader in transformer manufacturing. Contact us today for all your transformer needs and experience the unparalleled quality and reliability that have made us the most versatile Instrument transformer manufacturer in India.