Straton Electricals acquires prestigious CORE Certification for its Current Transformers

April 30th, 2024

Straton Electricals is a leading Instrument Transformer products and solutions provider dealing with an entire range of Current and Voltage Transformers, Testing and Consultancy services for over a decade. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, the company has been consistently chosen as a preferred transformer solutions provider to several industries in the Railway, Mining, Irrigation, Pharma, Renewable Energy and Power sectors. Instrument transformers are essential components in electrical infrastructure, serving a range of critical functions from accurate measurement and metering to protection, monitoring and control of electrical systems.

Straton is proud to announce that our wide range of Current Transformers have been tested and certified by CORE (Central Organization for Railway Electrification), Ministry of Railways, Government of India. CORE approval ensures that the transformers meet specific standards, specifications and performance requirements set by the Indian Railways for use in their electrification projects, locomotives, signaling systems, and other railway applications. In accordance with the “Make in India, Make for the world” mission from Government of India, Straton earns the distinction of being one of the very few CORE certified transformer manufacturers all over India.

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Straton Electricals is now an approved vendor included in the CORE Vendor Directory

RDSO Vendor directory
Registered Address of the Firm D40, Phase IV Extn, IDA IDA Jeedimetla, Quthubullapur M, Rangareddy District, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500055, India
Mfg. Unit Details Straton Elec, Sy No.42/A1/A, Alinagar Gaddapotaram (GP), Jinnaram(M) Sangareddy, Telangana – 502319, India

The following range of Current Transformers from Straton Electricals have received RDSO Certification
Date of Certification: 08/09/2023

RDSO Certified Current Transformers
Item ID: 4200007, Current Transformer (CT)
# Sub Item Category Capacity (Per Annum)
1 ID: 4200007001, 25 kV CT ratio 1500-750/5A Developmental 1500
2 ID: 4200007014, 132 kV CT ratio 800-400/5A Developmental 500
3 ID: 4200007017, 50 kV CT ratio 1500-750/5A Developmental 1500

About CORE Certification:

The CORE certification process typically involves rigorous testing and evaluation of the transformers to ensure they comply with the technical and safety standards specified by CORE. This includes tests related to electrical performance, mechanical durability, thermal characteristics, environmental conditions. Detailed manufacturing process review and personnel review is carried out. Sub-assembles and components manufactured in-house and outsourced are subject to stringent evaluation. Calibration of testing equipment, quality inspections, service warranties are also verified as part the certification process.

Once a transformer successfully meets all the requirements and passes the necessary tests, it receives CORE approval, indicating that it is suitable for use in Indian Railways projects. This approval is often a prerequisite for suppliers and manufacturers looking to supply transformers to the Indian Railways or any organization working on railway projects in India.

It is important for manufacturers and suppliers to obtain CORE approval to demonstrate the quality, reliability, and compliance of their transformers with the standards specified by the Indian Railways, ensuring safe and efficient operation within the railway infrastructure.