High Voltage Eye bolt Current Transformers

Eye Bolt Type Current Transformers are used in high voltage system to transform high currents (upto 2000A) to standardized low currents (1A or 5A) that are connected to revenue-based meters, protective relays and other system current monitoring instruments.

Key features

  • Oil Impregnated paper insulation with fine graded bushing provides uniform dielectric strength throughout the active part.
  • Primary construction is eye bolt type design enclosed in aluminium casing that enables to withstand large short time currents.
  • Partial Discharge free upto power-frequency withstand voltage.
  • Available with nitrogen-free SS Bellows for oil volume variation.
  • Available with Polymer or Porcelain External insulation.
  • Installation friendly stud type DIN terminals for secondary terminal connections.


  • Complies to IEC 61869-1 & 2 / IS 16227(Part 1 & 2).
  • In-house testing of Thermal stability and temperature coefficient test is also available as per customer requirements.
  • Available in Hot Dipped galvanized or polyurethane customized colour paint for MS fabricated housing.
  • Available with Polymer or Porcelain External insulation.
  • Up to 3 Year Warranty available* VI) Delivery timelines of within 2-3 weeks*