Voltage transformer

High Voltage Potential Transformers, also known as High Voltage Voltage Transformers or HV Transformers, are essential components utilized in high voltage systems. These transformers, specifically Inductive Voltage Transformers, are responsible for transforming high voltage to standardized low voltage levels. The standardized low voltage output is then connected to various devices such as meters, measuring instruments, and protection devices for accurate readings and effective safeguarding.

High Voltage Inductive Voltage Transformer

Inductive voltage transformers, are specifically engineered to offer a reduced-scale representation of the voltage present in high voltage (HV) lines. Their primary purpose is to ensure the isolation of measuring instruments, meters, relays, and other relevant equipment from the potentially hazardous high voltage power circuit. By providing a safe and accurate measurement of voltage, these High Voltage Inductive Voltage transformers facilitate efficient and reliable electrical system monitoring. The inclusion of inductive voltage transformers further enhances the overall safety and performance of power distribution networks.

Key features

  • Oil Impregnated paper insulation with fine graded bushing provides uniform dielectric strength throughout the active part.
  • Trapezoidal-type winding optimizes the distribution of internal voltage stress and can withstand multiple chopped impulses with compact insulation.
  • Partial Discharge free upto power-frequency withstand voltage.
  • Available with nitrogen-free SS Bellows for oil volume variation.
  • Available with Polymer or Porcelain External insulation.