Low Tension Current Transformers

Our range of current transformers includes the SRT series, which are rectangular type current transformers, the SRO series, which are Ring type current transformers, and the SWD series, which are Window type current transformers. These transformers are specifically designed for low voltage applications up to 1000V in electric engineering and distribution switchgear systems.

Moulded with Epoxy / PU cast resin, current transformers have meticulously manufactured to ensure accurate readings, safe and reliable.

Our low voltage current transformers are compact and lightweight, offering flexibility in installation. Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical orientation, these transformers can be easily accommodated in various spaces, even smaller ones. Additionally, connecting the secondary wiring or attaching the CT base is a hassle-free process.

For optimal performance, the Rated Burden of our current transformers ranges from 1.0 VA to 20 VA. The accuracy of these transformers varies depending on the Primary Ampere-Turn (AT) and is available in Class 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, or 3.0 options.

Straton specializes in the design and production of Low Tension Current Transformers (LTCT), our LTCT’s are available in two designs: Wound type and Ring / Window type constructions. They can be customized based on specific requirements, offering options such as resin casting, tape insulation, or varnish impregnation.

We also offer specialized low tension transformer upon request, including summation current transformers and split-core current transformers. These tailored solutions cater to unique needs and provide enhanced functionality.

Key features & benefits

  • Designed as per IEC-61869-1&2
  • Primary current up to 6000A
  • Dual ratios can be offered
  • High accuracy and extended range ratings are available for improved revenue metering
  • Mounting arrangement can either be base mounted or wall mounted, other on request
  • Finger safe terminal cover for preventing accidental shock
  • Applicable for cables and busbar

Common Applications Include

  • Control panels, drives, and switchboards
  • Low-voltage motor control centres
  • Measuring current in electrical switchgear
  • Ground fault detection
  • Commercial Energy sub-metering
  • Current measurement in electrical testing and research
  • Current sensing, monitoring and control of lighting systems and HVAC systems
  • Protection of equipment from overload and short-circuit conditions