Low Voltage Potential Transformers

Straton, a leading manufacturer, specializes in the design and production of low voltage potential transformers. These transformers are typically used in systems with a maximum voltage of 600V. Depending on the system voltages, the primary voltage ranges of these transformers can vary from 120V up to 600V.

We offer high accuracy resin cast potential transformers with precision up to 0.1 class. These transformers are available in various constructions, including air insulated, varnish impregnated, or dry type. They are compact, cost-effective, and suitable for voltage metering, control, and protection of high voltage networks with indoor installation requirements.

Designed for low voltage instrument applications, these voltage transformers can be configured as single-phase measurement or single-phase protection transformers. They are available in multiple voltage classes and types, such as Grounding Potential Transformers (1-Phase and 3-Phase), Single Pole, Double-Pole Potential Transformers, and more.

Our potential transformers utilize the reliable Araldite® epoxy resin as the primary insulation material. This epoxy resin is known for its reliability and is applied using the vacuum moulding technique, followed by polymerization for hardening. It ensures excellent insulation between the primary and secondary windings, as well as the earth. The transformers feature a compact design with high mechanical and electrical properties. They are non-hygroscopic, providing superior insulation even in humid conditions. Some of the tests that our Voltage transformers are subject to include:

  • Dielectric insulation tests
  • Temperature rise tests
  • Short circuit tests
  • Verification of terminal markings and polarity
  • Partial discharge measurement

Our single-phase measurement voltage transformers are available in a standard frame size, covering all standard primary voltages between 55 and 480 volts, with secondary voltages ranging from 63.5 to 240 volts.

Similarly, the three-phase measurement voltage transformers also offered in a standard frame size. They support standard primary voltages between 55 and 480 volts, with secondary voltages ranging from 63.5 to 240 volts.