Current Transformer

Straton offers a comprehensive range of current transformers for various applications. Our lineup includes Single-Phase Medium Voltage Current Transformers of various constructions suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. These current transformers are designed to provide accurate and reliable current measurements for secondary equipment such as meters, protection relays, and other devices.

We offer a variety of insulation materials for our mv current transformers, including Resin Cast, Cycloaliphatic Resin cast, and Oil Impregnated Paper (OIP). The Medium Voltage Indoor resin cast Current Transformers can be equipped with one or more independent magnetic cores, making them suitable for measuring, metering, and protective purposes. For metering applications, the Medium Voltage Outdoor Cycloaliphatic Resin Cast Current Transformers with a single core are commonly used, offering excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

In environments exposed to humid and extreme climatic conditions, we recommend using Oil Impregnated Paper (OIP) insulated current transformers. These transformers feature hermetic sealing to preserve the di-electric strength of the oil-impregnated paper insulation. At Straton, we prioritize quality and reliability, ensuring that our products undergo rigorous quality checks, exhaustive type testing, and satisfactory field performance validation.

STRATON Medium Voltage Current & Voltage Transformers are presently utilized in all over Indian utilities, 25kV traction system(Railways), Energy Management Systems & Renewable Energy Systems.

Key features

  • Metering and Monitoring of the currents flowing in the circuits.
  • Protection and Fault Detection such as short circuits, overcurrents, and earth faults.
  • Power quality analysis to monitor and measure parameters like harmonic distortion, power factor, and reactive power.